Osho Rebalancing Massage utilizes a combination of deep tissue and fascia massage, joint tention release and energy balancing. This massage is deeply relaxing and therapeutic: it helps to recover balance in mind and body, improve posture and dissolve psychological holding patterns that contribute to pain and tention, reduces stress, enhances joint mobility, improves energy circulation, blood stream, quality of sleep and brings more awareness.

Rebalancing views the human body as much more than just physical component, recognizing that the emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects are as much important to one’s totality.

The massage was developed in 1980′s by a group of health practicioners of various disciplines who worked under guidance of Osho (hence the name of the therapy). They created a new form of bodywork that took the best of the presently existing modalities and imbued them with a deeper perspective than was currently available. Central features of this approach are awareness, compassion and meditativeness. The essence of Rebalancing Massage is a loving, sensitive touch.

It is recommended to drink water afer the session to cleanse from released toxines.